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Papers On Poetry
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Hallmarks of Romanticism in Wordsworth’s “Strange Fits of Passion”
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A 5 page paper defining the influence of Romanticism in Wordsworth’s poem “Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known.” The paper shows how the poem depends on an awareness of the presence of two realms operating simultaneously: the everyday world of the material, and the secondary world of the ethereal. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: KBwords.wps

The Cult of the Child in Wordsworth's Romanticism
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A 16 page paper on this seminal Romantic poet's fascination with the theme of childhood. The paper points out that this cult of the child was an important feature of Romanticism, and reflected the popular belief that children and primitives were morally pure, all others having been corrupted by society. Bibliography lists 13 sources.
Filename: Chilcult.wps

The Romantic Revolution
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A 5 page paper analyzing the birth of the Romantic era in literature at the turn of the nineteenth century. Particular attention is paid to William Wordsworth's 'Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood' and (as an example of the old order) Samuel Johnson's 'The Vanity of Human Wishes.' Bibliography lists six sources.
Filename: Revroma.wps

William Wordsworth & The Theme Of Nature In His Poems
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A 9 page research paper arguing that Wordsworth's poems frequently centered around the theme of nature. Examples are provided from 'Tintern Abbey,' 'To The Same Flower,' 'Michael,' and other works to support the writer's thesis. It is concluded that Wordsworth was particularly interested in the 'non-human' aspect of life and illustrated such throughout his works. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Wordswor.rtf

William Wordsworth / The Epitome of the Romantic Era Poet
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This 10 page paper looks at one specific aspect of Wordsworth poetry (nature) and how it is representative of the entire literary period known as the 'Romantic Era.' Bibliography lists six sources.
Filename: Willword.doc

William Wordsworth vs. Elizabeth Browning / Two Romantic Era Poets Analyzed
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This 5 page research paper examines two poems, 'Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known' by William Wordsworth and 'Sonnets From the Portuguese' (XXI, XXII, XXXII) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Specifically analyzed are the poets' attitudes about love -- Wordsworth's romantic notions despite acceptance of realism and Browning's more dream-like prose.
Filename: Wordbar.rtf

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