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Papers On Mythology
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Medea: Passion And Reason
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14 pages in length. Medea represents everything the typical mythological female was not; her defiance, passion, reason and intestinal fortitude combined together with her ability to balance the most important elements of her life: love for homeland and love for Jason. The event that upset this symmetry, however, sets off a downward spiral of lost reason, hysterical passion and a complete and utter demise of sanity. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: TLCMedeaPR.rtf

Medieval / Liturgical Drama And "The Story of Daniel"
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A 10 page paper on the Medieval liturgical drama. The paper provides a description of the basis of drama and how it was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church to teach Bible stories to the congregation. The Story of Daniel is discussed in relationship to this type of teaching, and how the drama was used in Medieval times versus how it is used today. This particular drama became a stepping stone for the incorporation of secular music into the liturgical process of presentation, and as such, led to opera and the modernization of heroic plays. The play is being used today in both church settings and film, and the storyline is being incorporated into as diverse fields as music and multimedia. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: Medieval.doc

Medieval Coinage
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In this 8 page research paper, the writer examines issues and circumstances concerning the coining of money during medieval times. Economic situations are assessed and the overall impact that coining had over the centuries is determined. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Coins.wps

Medieval Feudalism
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A 6 page research paper exploring the elements of medieval feudalism in England. Descriptions of what constituted medieval feudalism, reason for wars, status of women and the decline of the feudal system are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 references.
Filename: Feud.wps

Medieval Judaism
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A 3 page essay responding to the lot of the Jewish in the Middle Ages. The paper mentions the premier Jewish philosopher of the era, Maimonides, and a few of his positions that are tenets of Orthodox Jewish doctrine today. It glances at the fact that practicing Jews, through application, education and commitment, are generally effective at their work, regardless of what that work might be, and that the anti-Semitism of the time might have sprung more from envy than from dogmatic differences. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: Jews.doc

Medieval Monasticism
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A 3 page essay examining the role of monasteries in the Middle Ages, and using Monte Cassino, founded by St. Benedictine, as the standard against which others are compared. One cited reference.
Filename: Monast.wps

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