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Papers On Disease, Treatment, & Epidemiology
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Article Review (Hypothermia)
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This 4 page paper examines an article appearing in the International Journal of Nursing Practice. The article concerns an experiment regarding hypothermia. No bibliography.
Filename: SA429hyp.rtf

Article Review / Dementia as an Epidemiologic Issue
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4 page review of a Lancet article in which the author posits that certain forms of dementia may be an epidemiologic issue among senior citizens. Advances in neuroimaging techniques of the brain are among the many breakthroughs discussed in this analysis. Full bibliographic citation for the article is provided.
Filename: Medicart.wps

Article Review / Estimating the Tumoral Half-life of Fluorouracil
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5 page explication of a 1994 journal article in which the authors assess the association of intratumoral pharmacokinetics of fluorouracil with clinical response. Built upon was existing research which had established that In-vivo flouring-19 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMRS) facilitates non-invasive, immediate, chemical identification of distinct fluorinated compounds within tumors found in humans after flouorouracil is given. The authors of the discussed study employ kinetic measures of the drug administered as well as metabolies to estimate the tumoral half-life of fluorouracil. No Bibliography.
Filename: Medartic.wps

Article Review / Interferon as an Impediment to the Progress of Hepatitis
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3 page review of a Lancet article which examines experimental uses of interferon as a treatment in cases of chronic hepatitis C (clinically called 'Poynard') and also in cases of HCV cirrhosis (clinically called 'Nishiguchi'). Full bibliographic citation for the article is provided.
Filename: Medicar2.wps

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A 10 page paper which discusses the history and the current situation of asbestos as it relates to its position as an occupational carcinogen. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: RAasbest.rtf

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This 10 page paper examines asbestosis from the perspective of environmental health. The paper looks at the use of asbestos, how it causes asbestosis, the prevention of the disease, the incidence, at risk occupations. The paper then examines how asbestos damages the lungs, the symptoms, the diagnosis, the treatment and the prognosis. The bibliography cites 19 sources.
Filename: TEasbest.rtf

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