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Papers On Literature
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Marilynne Robinson's 'Housekeeping' / Conformity
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A 5 page paper discussing the contrasts in Marilynne Robinson's novel, Housekeeping. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Houskeep.wps

Alger's 'Struggling Upward'
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A 5 page paper examining how family and role models set the example for ethical conduct in this novel by Horatio Alger. The paper points out that Alger seemed quite sure of the rules which seemed to underlie the acquisition of the American Dream, but in fact those rules are not what governs his protagonist's success at all. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: Strugup.wps

Horatio Alger's 'Ragged Dick'/ Social Mobility
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A 5 page essay that discusses how this nineteenth century author's work revolved around the idea that through hard work and good character anyone could rise to the upper class in America and achieve the 'American Dream.' The writer shows how Ragged Dick, the original 'rags to riches' story, typified the formula that Alger followed for the rest of his career making the Horatio Alger story a part of American culture.
Filename: Alger.wps

Trapped at Home / The Status of Women in the Odyssey and the Old Testament
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A 6 page paper comparing the treatment of women in Homeric times (as illustrated by the tribulations of Penelope in the Odyssey) with the many rules and prohibitions given to women under early Judaic law. The paper concludes that both systems effectively tie women to the house without giving them any authority over it. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: Odyot.wps

Women’s Roles in the 'Odyssey' and the Bible
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A five page paper comparing the degree of influence and/or power exhibited by the Biblical Rebekah versus Homer's ingenue Nausicaa. The paper argues that even though women in both Hebrew and Greek cultures were considered to have little power, they were often able to exercise power within the family structure which had far-ranging ramifications outside it. No additional sources.
Filename: KBodot3.wps.

A Comparison of Heroes in Homer's 'Iliad'
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A 4 page comparison of the classic heroes Hektor and Achilles as presented by Homer in 'The Iliad.' It is proposed that while Achilles transcends the politics of his day and fights for his own cause, Hektor's tragedy is actually synonymous with the tragedy of Troy itself. No Bibliography.
Filename: Iliadcom.wps

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