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Papers On U.S. History
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Learning From The Events of the 20th century
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A 6 page essay that discusses in great detail the social and economic events which have contributed to the changing world structure. Bibliography contains 4 references (report contains many examples to illustrate its points).
Filename: 20thcent.rtf

Lee at Gettysburg
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A 7 page research paper that examines Lee's tactics at Gettysburg. The paper looks at Lee's own military correspondence and also at the theories of historian Michael Palmer in his book Lee Moves North, which argues that Lee's style of command was instrumental in the loss. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: 99lee.wps

Leisure in the Late Nineteenth Century
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A 6 page research paper that looks at the development of leisure in the late nineteenth century and how it resulted largely due to the innovations of the Industrial Revolution. The writer discusses leisure activities that hinged on a technological innovation and also touches on the socioeconomic implications of increased leisure-time. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: 19leisur.doc

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A 12 page research paper on what is still the largest housing project ever assembled by a single builder. William Levitt and his brother answered the need for affordable housing after World War II by mass-producing houses on Long Island, N.Y. The first Levittown was followed by others and helped to fuel the growing post-WWII trend toward suburban living. The writer discusses the sociological, economical, and demographic consequences. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: Levittown.rtf

Lincoln Would Have Changed the Face of Civil Rights
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A 5 page piece that postulates that if Abraham Lincoln had lived, his Reconstruction policies may have changed the course of African American history. Lincoln had already penned his notes on Reconstruction that Andrew Johnson implemented. However, Johnson, sympathetic to the South, did not subscribe to Lincoln's tenets of 'equal rights' for all. As a result, freed African Americans continued to suffer under the hands of their former owners. According to historians, Lincoln would have used any extreme, including force and marshall law to bring about equality for all, as supported by his writings. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: Lincoln2.wps

Lizzie Borden & O. J. Simpson / A Comparison Between the Investigations
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In 7 pages, the author makes a comparison between the Lizzie Borden and O. J. Simpson investigations, looking at the police evidence, the cities in which the crimes were committed and public opinion of the cases. Bibliography lists 8 sources. PClb&oj.wps
Filename: PClb&oj.rtf

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