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Papers On International Economics & Finance
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Change to Commonwealth, Effects on Britain
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An 8 page research paper exploring the effect of changing to commonwealth has had on British autonomy and world power. Explored briefly is the extent of the empire, how the change came about, and a longer discussion of the effects of the change from empire upon Britain and other countries, particularly India. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: Cnempire.wps

Changes in Brazil’s Currency and Monetary System
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This 7 page report discusses the issues Brazil faced when its president made the decision to float the county’s currency, the “real,” and both the immediate outcomes as well as those in the long term. Questions answered in the report include: What were the main factors requiring a change in the nations currency; what was the overall plan and goals for restructuring; how did the economy of Brazil look at the end of its first two quarters; what impacts were felt by the United States; and, did the changes actually help Brazil. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: BWbramon1.rtf

Changes in Policies Governing the UK Economy;
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This 5 page paper considers the way in which government policies have changed over the years, shifting from the Keynesian demand side economics to Anglo-American supply side economics as well as subsequent changes. The paper considers the reasons for these changes and the effect that have been seen since they were implemented. The bibliography cites 8 sources.
Filename: TEukchng.wps

Changes in the Structure of the Clothing Industry
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This 5 page paper examined who and why structural changes in the clothing industry occurred, The paper is written form an economic perspective and includes aspects such as technology, labour costs and international trade theory. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEcloind.rtf

Chile / Her Economic Past, Directions for the Future
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An 11 page look at the economic history, present and future of Chile. Written from the perspective of a Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisors in Chile. Stresses the importance of incorporating new technologies, particularly the use of the Internet, into Chile economic activities. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Chilec.wps

Chile / Her History & Economic Growth
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A 9 page paper that discusses the history, economic basis and current economic trends in Chile. This paper utilizes a number of current resources to consider the economic stability of this country, especially in comparison with a number of other Latin American countries, and determines that Chile's economic stability is its strong point. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Chileeco.wps

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